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Traits You Should Look for in an Event DJ 

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One of the most important things in an event is not just the food and the lights. There is also the music to set the ambience perfectly. A good music in a party can either break the feeling or make it to one of the most awesome nights or day ever. In this day and age where almost anyone can just download tunes in your laptop and plug it in a speaker and your good to go. However, a professional event DJ Las Vegas can do more than that. Yes, you have the capacity to play a tune in a party, but a DJ can set the mood in the party and play that mood for all its worth.  

Event DJ

Hiring an event DJ is not as easy as you would think. There is a need for you to thoroughly checked a DJ to ensure that you get the worth you paid for the services rendered. So, in this article, you will learn what are the traits that you should be looking for in your event DJ.  

1: Appearance  

This doesn’t mean that you should only hire a good looking DJ but rather a DJ who dresses the part. If its a formal event your DJ should at least look decent for the event. You don’t really want him arriving in the place looking like a hobo, or that he needs to take a bath. He should look professional in his/her attire.  

2: Consultation  

You can just hire a DJ on the spot without ever meeting them until the event itself. However, this could spell into a disaster. You need to talk with your DJ no matter what event he is gonna be blasting some tunes. You need to have a consultation and talk about your expectations from him for the event.  

3: Talent  

Is there something more that they can do besides blasting tunes. Will they be able to EMCEE in the event, teach the guests some dance and make the whole event even more fun than it should be. Each DJ will have different kinds of talent to show you and not all DJ basically just be a walking music player. So, if your DJ can do more than playing music then you are very lucky.  

4: Comfortability  

Is your gut instinct telling you that he is the right fit with you and your event. You got to trust your instinct with this. Are you comfortable with your DJ. Are you able to communicate with him and be open with it. This is a relationship that needs to be set in a nice way, a relationship that needs to be open so that everything can fit perfectly.  

When you have your event DJ hired you should also speak with him for any kind of emergency. It may not happen in the event itself but it is still a good idea to have a back up plan. You don’t want your DJ to be out of the loop and leave you with no choice of what to do.  

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